Dental aesthetics

We speak about dental aesthetics to different treatments oriented towards our smile design.

These types of treatments are increasing with time, in men as well as in women. They don’t only improve dental aesthetics but enhances our personal emotional state.

The treatments that include dental aesthetics are the following:

Teeth Whitening

We can bleach our teeth that for many reasons have lost their original color or just because we feel like.

There are different techniques depending on the patient and the outcome we want to achieve.

We can do these treatments in our clinic using led light and carbamide peroxide to whiten. In other cases mouth guards are used, these can be used at home and even combined with the previous ones.

It is a fast treatment and wherein most of the cases it is harmless.


This treatment is indicated for those patients who want to correct the position of their teeth, align them or solution a bad bite.

At present, there are different orthodontics treatments, all of them aesthetic and innovative, as for example, Invisalign , among them.

We also provide fix orthodontics as well as removable orthodontics.

Dental Veneers

These are thin porcelain layer that cover the external surface of the tooth.

This treatment is used to adjust the color and shape of the tooth. Furthermore it’s a fast treatment with results at a glance.


It is considered as a material with great strength as well as aesthetically perfect.

Any fix prosthesis, either bridges or crowns, composed by zirconium achieves and unbeatable aesthetic without taking into account the resistance of the material.

Zirconium substitutes metal, in can be a good option for patients that suffer from metal allergy as well as for those who prefer a fitted aesthetic look.

Dental Implants

It’s the most common dental treatment, apart from returning teeth to edentulous patients, it manages to provide aesthetics and a big smile to whom lost it due to tooth-loss. To this it is added that patients with tooth absence normally suffer while eating or chewing makes it complicated for the daily routine.

Implant treatments are quite diverse, depending of the patient we study what type of implant, how much quantity and type of prosthesis he/she will need.

You can use a big range of materials in implants treatments while making the prosthesis: zirconium, metal, porcelain or resin.

This allows us to place immediate loading implants without the patient having to wait as earlier was done.

Every day more patients can take advantage of the use of implants, thanks to the use of regeneration techniques nowadays.