shutterstock_implantacionDental implants are the best solution to replace deteriorated or absent teeth.

Dental implants are small titanium fixtures that are inserted into the Maxilla or jawbone.

It’s done under local anesthesia and it’s not painful.

These types of treatments must be taken care as any natural teeth that want to be maintained in good way for a long period.

With dental implants we achieve the following:

  • It brings back our esthetic and personal confidence.
  • We can enjoy a correct chewing and that leads to an overall good health status.
  • It helps to stabilize bone loss.
  • Dental Implants treatments should always be professionally treated by a surgery and implants specialist as is Dr. Torres.

It is possible to place or insert implants or dental caps on the same day, or early loaded implants.

In many cases we can insert implants and the same day, fix the teeth over the implants provisionally.

Types of implant restoration.

Depending of the disposition and number of implants, we can restore in different ways:  Crowns or dental caps.

These are normally over single-tooth and are normally screwed or cement-retained:

  • Multi -unit brigde for implants. These form a structure, can also be screwed or cement-retained.
  • Removable dental prosthesis or fixed bridgework. These depend on the quantity and design of the specialist Doctor of implants prosthesis.
Dental implants appear to meet the aesthetic, chewing and phonatory needs that are diminished after the loss of natural teeth.

Teeth-loss is mainly produced due to diseases, mainly affecting the structures that support them, to a lesser extent due to fractures or injury.

In the absence of one or more teeth, patients who visit our clinic requesting the possibility to solve the functional and aesthetic problem in the most conservative way, in other words, to avoid touching the adjacent teeth, we can only achieve this with implants.

They are placed within a simple surgery of one hour or 30 minutes, it consists of carving progressively in the bone to permit stabilize a titanium screw, in the same way as when a hole is carved to place a wall anchor.

Subsequently there is a waiting period of approximately 3 months for the jaw, and 5 months for the upper maxilla also known as period of Osseointegration in order to elaborate the definitive prosthesis.

Currently there is a tendency to shorten these waiting periods being able to place the prosthesis on the same day of implants placing; this method is known as immediate loading.

Dental implants are screws which act as artificial roots and are placed into the jawbone, creating a solid base on which prosthesis are stabilized to function as natural teeth.

Dental implants allow us to chew with total comfort, to smile and talk with the same confidence than with our own teeth.

In some particular and favorable cases, the patient, after undergoing the first implant surgery, an immediate prosthesis is placed supported by implants.

This type of treatment provides the highest level of comfort and rehabilitation for the daily routine of the patient, but as we mentioned at the beginning, it should meet a number of necessary features in order to accomplish it.

Although throughout history many materials were developed, the material used today’s date is Titanium.

Titanium is not only a very biocompatible with the human organism, but also presents the capacity of live bone integration to the surface, this phenomena is also known as Osseointegration.

In this way, the bone accepts the titanium as if it was of our own organism producing a biological union.

This situation has provoked that implants are better known as Osseointegrated implants.

To prevent damages to adjacent teeth.

Preservation of bone tissue.

Implants behave functionally and aesthetically as natural teeth.

Prevent from using uncomfortable dental adhesives.

Implants placement requires a minor surgical procedure.

It is done under local anesthesia not to experience pain, in some cases if patient requests, we can use sedation.

Don’t suffer due to fear of the pain:

  • We will treat your mouth meanwhile you are enjoying a relaxation state.
  • It is ideal for the patients that suffer from anxiety while visiting the dentist comes and get too tired with lengthy treatments.

A great sensation of well-being meanwhile we take care of your oral problems without losing conscious.

One of the main reasons patients don’t initiate or leaves dental treatments is caused by the fear of feeling pain, due to lengthy treatments.

In Clinica Dental Alcala, we try our best for our patients not to suffer pain and we offer conscious sedation.

With this type of sedation, our patient can respond to any stimuli, cooperating in opening and closing his mouth.

The full process is administered and supervised by a specialized anesthesiologist.

By the time the treatment finalizes, the patient returns to consciousness state immediately after.

To perform this type of treatments, we need to have the best professional team and machinery in order to provide full guarantee to our patients.