Teeth whitening


Combined teeth whitening through cold-light, laser, led and mouth guard.

This treatment consists of the combination of two of the latter.

We use it in the most complex cases in which we seek a better result.

A dental aesthetic profesional will evaluate which one is required first, the light one or the mouth guard.

The process will be the same as the 2 mentioned before.

Conditions to perform the treatment.

Clean tooth surface, good hygiene, healthy gums and lack of cavities, we will also take into account side effects.

This treatment consists of bleaching the tooth in the fastest and effective way than used through mouth guards.

The process of this treatment includes the following:

Verify that the dental health of the patient is correct to conduct teeth whitening.
Dental cleaning allowing the gel to access all dental areas.
Pictures are taken before initiating the treatment.
Sensitive and gum areas are covered with gel to protect them.
Use of 35% hydrogen peroxide in the external surface. Use of light for activation.
At last, some final pictures to check results.

It consists of bleaching a previous endodontically treated tooth that for various reasons has lost its original color.

It’s a simple and conservative technique, with unbeatable aesthetics results, as the external surface of the tooth is preserved intact.

Requiere pocas visitas y el aclarado es permanente, si bien se pueden producir pequeñas recidivas en el tiempo.

Nevertheless as any treatment, it can have its side effects.

Teeth whitening with mouth guards consists of preparing the adapted mouth guard for the patient in which a bleaching gel is placed.

This treatment can be done at home; it is suitable for those patients who don’t have time. Hence it will always be under supervision of our dental aesthetics specialist.

This type of treatment is chosen in a personal way for each patient, with the necessary resources and time adapted to the need of each mouth, that’s is the difference regarding the products that are sold in large markets.

The whitening process consists of the following:

We perform a first check-up in order to verify if the patient has a considerable mouth health, next step is to click some photographs before we start the treatment and a dental cleaning treatment to remove all the dirt so that the product reaches all parts. In this same appointment we take measurements to make whitening mouth guards.
In the following appointment, we explain the patient the way of using the mouth guards and we provide him with the corresponding whitening gel.
Approximately after 1 or 2 weeks, the first check-up is done to verify the whitening evolution and click some pictures.
In many cases the treatment ends right here, in other cases we continue with the mouth guards treatment for 1 or 2 weeks.

Used mouth guards can be kept by patients and used for future treatments.

We advise to apply the gel with the mouth guards at least once a year to maintain the color we achieved through this method.