It is considered as a material with great strength as well as aesthetically perfect.

Any fix prosthesis, either bridges or crowns, composed by zirconium achieves and unbeatable aesthetic without taking into account the resistance of the material.

Zirconium substitutes metal, in can be a good option for patients that are suffer from metal allergy as well as for those who prefer a fitted aesthetic look.

Is a material composed of zirconium dioxide.

It is biocompatible, zirconium has a similar hardness to diamond besides it’s white. This converts it in a material with multiple functional and aesthetics properties for dentistry purposes.

Zirconium has a bending strength of 900 Mega-Pascals, a modulus of elasticity of 200 Giga-Pascals and a hardness of 1300 Kg/mm2. These properties convert it in an indestructible element in our patients mouth.

At present, certainly it’s the best material in terms of aesthetics possible for reconstructions wherein the past we would have need metallic components that reduce aesthetics.

When discrepancies are not excessive, the treatment with porcelain veneers can improve the aesthetics problems due to bad position of front teeth, without requiring orthodontics and obtaining good results in a relatively short period of time.